Name: Kevin Rodriquez
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 210
DOB: 5/15/1996
Birthplace: Covina, Calif.
Hometown: Chino Hills, Calif.
High School: Don Lugo High School
Team/Club: Marquez Lugo High School
Coach(es): Anthony C. Marquez
Other Career Highlights
  • Gold in Kata and Kobudo- Bakersfield, February 23, 2019
  • Gold in Kata and Kobudo- Rancho Mirage, January 26, 2019
  • World Championship 4th place- Madrid Spain, November 2018
  • Nationals 3rd. Place- Reno Nevada, July 14 2018
Personal: I started Karate when I was 12 years old. My Mother was looking for some kind of program that will help me with my behavioral issues that will also teach me discipline, after a long journey of therapist this was the only thing that it did help me....I work filling documents in my parents business. I worked in a Real State Office placing advertisement in bags. I worked in Burlington Coat Factory. ... I do IAIDO and Kobudo, I play baseball, and I like to help my peers in karate