Nickname: "McFierce"
Height: 5-8
Weight: 140 pounds
Coach: Juan Miguel Moreno
High School: Black Hills Classical Christian Academy
College: Miami-Dade College 
Twitter: @mcfierce2012
WTF World Rankings as of 12/1/15: 7th (World -67kg); 9th (Olympic -67kg)

-Watch Paige's 2015 spot for Mercedes-Benz (6/16/15)


- 2012 USAT Female Athlete of the Year
- 2009 Outstanding Female Athlete at USAT National Championships
- 2008 Chris Canning Award of Excellence winner
- 2007 Outstanding Female Athlete at Senior National Championships

Enjoys going to the beach, shopping and going to the movies...hobbies include dance, snowboarding and volleyball...favorite foods are Asian food, her mom's cooking and cheeseburgers...was adopted when she was four days old...she believes in the three B's: breathe, believe and be yourself.

Competition Record:

London Grand Prix (-67kg): BRONZE
2017 Costa Rica Open (-67kg): GOLD
2017 Moscow Grand Prix (-67kg): BRONZE
2017 World Taekwondo Championships (-67kg): SILVER

          -def. Laura Roebben (BEL), 20-10, in Round of 32
          -def. Anika Godel-Chelmecka (POL), 16-7, in Round of 16
          -def. Melissa Pagnotta (CAN), 12-10, in quarterfinals
          -def. Mengyu Zhang (CHN), 6-5, in semifinals
          -lost to Nur Tatar (TUR), 6-4, in final
2017 U.S. Senior National Team Member (Welter)
U.S. Senior National Team Trials (Welter): 1st

2016  Olympic Games (-67kg): 11th
          -lost to Farida Azizova (AZE), 6-5, in Round of 16
2016  U.S. Senior National Team Member (Welter)
2016  Olympic Trials (-67kg): 1st
          -def. Cheyenne Lewis, 5-3
2016  Pan American Championships (-67kg): GOLD
          -def. Adanys Cordero (VEN), 3-0, in quarterfinals
          -def. Yosselyn Molina (HON), 5-3, in semifinals
          -def. Katherine Dumar (COL), 7-3, in finals

2015  World Cup Team Championships Team Member
2015  WTF World Grand Prix Series 3 - Manchester (-67kg): Round of 16
            -def. Rewan Rafaei (EGY), 5-3, in Round of 32
          -lost to Yun Fei Guo (CHN), 3-2, in Round of 16
2015  Chuncheon Korea Open (-67kg): GOLD
          -def. Seo So Young (KOR), 15-11, in finals
2015  Pan American Games (-67kg): GOLD
          -def. Daima Villalon (CUB), 5-3, in quarterfinals
          -def. Julia Vasconcelos (BRA), 8-6, in semifinals
          -def. Victoria Heredia (MEX), 13-1, in gold medal contest

2015  WTF World Taekwondo Championships (-67kg): BRONZE
          -def. Tetiana Tetereviatnykova (UKR), 3-2 OT, in round of 32
          -def. Seham Elsawalhy (EGY), 5-4, in round of 16
          -def. Elin Johansson (SWE), 8-3, in quarterfinals
          -lost to Chia Chia Chuang (TPE), 5-4, in semifinals
2015  Pan Am Games Team Member (-67kg)
  Pan Am Games Team Trials (-67kg): 1st

2014  USA Taekwondo National Team Trials (women’s welter): FIRST
2014  U.S. National Team member (Welter)
2014  U.S. Open (Welter): SILVER
2014  Canadian Open (Welter): BRONZE

2013  U.S. National Team Member (Welter)
  U.S. National Team Trials (Welter): 1st

2013  WTF World Taekwondo Championships (Welter): Round of 16
         -lost to Qing Liu (MAC), 1-0 in overtime, in Round of 16
2013  WTF Grand Prix Final (women’s -67kg): Quarterfinal
  Spanish Open (Welter): GOLD
2013  Pan American Open (Welter): SILVER
2013  Costa Rican Open (Welter): SILVER

2012  Olympic Games (-67kg): BRONZE
-def. Sarah Stevenson (GBR), 5-1, in Round of 16
            -lost to Nur Tatar (TUR), 6-1, in Quarterfinals
            -def. Andrea St. Bernard (GRN), 15-2, in Repechage
            -def. Franka Anic (SLO), 8-3, in Bronze Medal Match
2012  Olympic Team Member (-67kg)
  Olympic Trials Finals (-67kg): 1st
            -def. Nia Abdallah, 5-4

2011  Pan Am Olympic Qualifier (-67kg): SILVER (qualifies division for 2012 Olympic Games)
          -def. Andrea St. Bernard (GRN), 10-6, in Semifinals
          -lost to Karine Sergerie (CAN), 7-5, in Finals

2011  Pan Am Games (Welter -67kg): SILVER
          -def. Katherine Dumar (COL), 16-2, in Quarterfinals
          -def. Taimi Castellanos (CUB), 4-1, in Semifinals
          -lost to Melissa Pagnotta (CAN), 7-6 (OT), in Finals

2011  World Taekwondo Championships (Welter): Quarterfinals
          -def. Franka Anic (SLO), 4-3, in Round of 64
          -def. Melissa Pagnotta (CAN), 8-5, in Round of 32
          -def. Ai Chi Sun (TPE), 3-0, in Round of 16
          -lost to Yunfei Guo (CHN), 2-1, in Quarterfinals

2011  Pan Am Games Team Member (Light/Welter)
Pan Am Games Qualifier (Light/Welter): Qualified
          -def. Keila Avilia (HON) 13-1

U.S. Open (Light): SILVER
2011  U.S. National Team Member (Welter)
U.S. National Team Trials (Welter): 1st

2012 Olympic Team Trials 1 (Bantam/Feather): 2nd
Pan Am Games Team Trials (Light/Welter): 1st
Spanish Open (Welter): SILVER
2010  U.S. National Team Member (Welter)

2009  U-24 National Team Member (Welter)
U-24 National Team Trials (Welter): 1st
2009  USAT National Championships (Light): GOLD
2009  U.S. National Team Trials (Welter): 2nd
2009  Kissimmee National Qualifier (Welter): GOLD
2009  National Team Qualifier (Welter): 1st

2008  Pan Am Championships (Welter): GOLD
2008  Pan Am Championships Team Member (Welter)
2008  U.S. Senior Nationals (Welter): GOLD
2008  Des Moines National Qualifier (Welter): GOLD
2008  U.S. Open (Welter): GOLD

2007  Pan Am Jr. Championships
(Jr. Lt. Heavy): GOLD
2007  Junior Team Trials (Jr. Lt. Heavy): 1st
2007  U.S. Senior Nationals (Welter): GOLD
2007  Junior Olympics (Lt. Heavy): GOLD

2006  U.S. Senior Nationals (Light): GOLD
2006  Jr. Black Belt Festival (Middle): GOLD

2005  Jr. Black Belt Festival (Middle): GOLD
2005  U.S. Open (Jr.): SILVER

2004  Jr. Black Belt Festival (Middle): GOLD
2004  Junior Olympics (Middle): BRONZE

2003  Junior Olympics: BRONZE

2002  Junior Olympics: BRONZE

last updated: 11/17/17