High School: Hayward HS
Height: 5' 6"    Weight: 125 lbs
Current Location: Lake Placid, NY
  • Running in the mud
  • Hydroplaning on my rollerskis 
  • Riding my doped roadbike Floyd
  • Napping on the range
  • Proclaiming my inflexibility
  • Eating, baking, cooking....eating?
Biathlon Since: 2010
Skis: Fischer
Boots: Fischer
Poles: One Way
Coaches: Jonne Kahkonen, Patrick Coffey


I could not live without…  my fleece socks

My favorite place in the world is…  still out there

My dream vacation spot is…  mountains and oceans

When traveling, the thing I miss the most is…  home cooked meals

My favorite meal is…  sweet potato fries

My favorite television show is… The Office

My favorite quote is… “When we feel stuck, going nowhere...even starting to slip backward...we may actually be backing up to get a running start.” --Dan Millman

If I were not an athlete, I would be… a musician

For the 2011 season, I expect to be… racing around Europe