Hometown: Cesis, Latvia
DOB: January 3
Position: Women's Bobsled Driving Coach
Janis Kipurs is a Latvian-born bobsledder who began sliding in 1980 for the Soviet Union until 1990, and continued his career as a pilot with Latvia until 1992 following the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Kipurs' athletic resume boasts Olympic gold and bronze medals, three World Championships and two European Championship medals.  He has coached athletes to eight Olympic and 12 World Championship medals.  Kipurs coached the Swiss team for ten years, and the French, Canadian and U.S. teams for two years each.
About me:
Kipurs has 21-year-old twins, a son and daughter, as well as a 26-year-old son.  Kipurs is fluent in Latvian, English, German and Russian, and served two years of mandatory service in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics arms forces battalion before attending technical school in Riga.
Career Highlights:

  • 1988: GOLD in two-man
  • 1988: BRONZE in four-man
World Championships
  • 1989: BRONZE in two-man, Cortina, Italy
World Cup
  • 1988: Two-man World Cup champion
  • 1988: 2nd in combined World Cup