Height:  5’8’’   
Weight:  150 lbs
Club:  Gunstock Nordic Association
Coach:   James Upham
Skis:  Atomic
Boots:  Atomic
Poles:  Exel
Hobbies:  photography, reading, baking, gardening, anything crafty!   

I learned to ski in my hometown of Gilford, NH alongside my little brother, Alex. In high school I ran cross country, skied and played softball before skiing for the University of Vermont while studying Athletic Training. My biathlon experience began during the summer after my sophomore year in college, at a Nordic camp in Jericho, VT. I continued to “dabble” in it on off days and during the post season until I graduated from UVM and joined the development team full time. I love the added challenge of shooting and skating has always been my forte so biathlon makes a pretty good match for me!

Top Results

2006/7 Season Top Results
3rd 5km Skate (xc), Middlebury Carnival, Middlebury, VT
23rd 5km Skate (xc), NCAA Championships, Jackson, NH

2007/8 Season Top Results
4th 5km Skate (xc), Middlebury Carnival, Middlebury, VT
17th 5km Skate, NCAA Championships (xc), Bozeman, MT

2008/9 Season Top Results
1st Sprint, Jericho, VT
1st Pursuit, Jericho, VT
10th 15km Skate (xc), Bates Carnival, Rumford, ME


Katrina's World Beyond Sport

My favorite outfit is….a sundress and flip flops
The best thing in the last year was….graduating from college
If I were not a full-time athlete, I would be….in graduate school for athletic training
When traveling, the thing I miss the most is….my family
In my car is….a Frisbee and two softball mitts
My favorite meal is….burritos
I am good at….just about anything crafty, except knitting
I am bad at....sleeping in
My family’s dog Kaiya.… makes me happy
If I could change anything about myself….I would have hair that grows faster!
I could not live without….my toothbrush
Pure relaxation is….curling up with a good book and my cat, Tinkerbell, on a cold or rainy day
The best place to rest is….at my family’s island
I never leave my house without….earrings
My favorite color is….blue