Nickname: "B.J." (Baby James)
Height: 5-10
Weight: 127 lbs.
Coaches: Juan Moreno and Troy Garr
High School: Deer Valley (Antioch, Calif.)
College: Diablo Valley College

Enjoys playing sports such as basketball football, volleyball and soccer...also enjoys watching movies, listening to music and playing board games with his teammates...favorite foods are Filipino, honey BBQ ribs and cheesecake...before a competition he usually eats bananas and Hyphy Juice (energy drink)...favorite athletes are Manny Pacquiao and Apolo Anton Ohno...favorite movie is Love and Baskeball...likes all types of music except for of his legs is longer than the other.

Competition Record:

USA Taekwondo National Team Trials (Fin): 1st

2014  USA Taekwondo National Team Trials (men’s fly): 1st
2014  U.S. National Team member (Fly)

2013  U.S. National Team Member (Fly)
2013  U.S. National Team Trials (Fly): 1st
2013  WTF World Taekwondo Championships (Fly): Round of 16
def. Salia Ouattara of (GAB), 15-1, in Round of 64
        -def. Vincent Foster (CAN), 9-8, in Round of 32
        -lost to Ruslan Poiseev (RUS), 6-2, in Round of 16
2013  WTF Grand Prix Final (men’s -58kg): First Round

2012  U.S. Open (Fly): 1st
          -def. Johann Weigend Rodriguez (MEX), 3-2, in round of 32
          -def. Kenny Ly Quang (CAN), 5-3, in round of 16
          -def. Damian Villa (MEX), 5-2, in quarterfinals
          -def. Jhonnatan Mejia Alvarez (GUA), 1-0, in semifinals
          -def. Diego Garcia De Leon (MEX), 5-1, in finals

Olympic Trials - Phase 7 (-68kg): 2nd

2011  World Taekwondo Championships (Fly): Quarterfinals
-def. Krasimir Tomanov (BUL), 11-0, in Round of 64
          -def. Rustamjon Pulatov (UZB), 6-3, in Round of 32
          -def. Andrei Rotaru (MDA), 7-6, in Round of 16
          -lost to Yulis Gabriel Mercedes Reyes (DOM), 7-4, in Quarterfinals

2011  U.S. National Team Member (Fly)
U.S. National Team Trials (Fly): 1st

2011 Pan Am Games Team Trials (Fin/Fly): 2nd
2010  U.S. Open (Fly): 2nd
2010  U.S. National Team Member (Fly)

2009  World Taekwondo Championships (Fly): Round of 16
2009  World University Games (Fly): quarterfinals
2009  World University Games Team Member (Fly)
World University Games Trials (Fly): 1st
2009  U.S. National Team Member (Fly)
U.S. National Team Trials (Fly): 1st
2009  Pan American University Championships (Fly): 1st

National Collegiate Championships (Fly): 1st
2009  National Team Qualifier (Fly): 1st 

2008  Pan Am Championships (Fly): 2nd
2008  Pan Am Championships Team Member (Fly)
2008  U.S. Senior Nationals (Fly): 1st
2008  Fresno National Qualifier (Fly): 1st
2008  U.S. Open (Fly): 1st

2007  U.S. Senior Nationals (Fly): 1st
2007  Kansas City National Qualifier (Fly): 1st
2007  World University Games Trials (Fly): 2nd
2007  Senior National Team Trials (Fly): 2nd
2007  Pan Am Games Trials (Fin/Fly): 2nd

2006  U.S. Senior Nationals (Fly): 3rd
2006  Portland National Qualifier (Fly): 1st
2006  National Collegiate Trials (Fly): 1st
2006  U.S. Open (Fly); 3rd
2006  National Collegiate Championships (Fly): 1st

2004  Junior World Championships: DNP
2004  Senior Nationals: 3rd
2004  Junior World Trials: 1st
2004  Junior Olympics: 3rd

2003  Junior Pan Am Championships: 3rd
2003  Junior Olympics: 1st

2002  Junior World Championships: 5th
2002  Kyonggi Open: 1st
2002  Junior Olympics: 1st

2001  LA Open (sparring): 2nd
2001  LA Open (forms): 3rd
2001  U.S. Team Trials - 3rd

1998  Junior Olympics (sparring): 1st
1998  Junior Olympics (forms): 1st

1996  Pan American Open (sparring): 1st
1996  Pan American Open (forms): 2nd
1996  Junior Olympics: 1st

1995  Pan American Open (sparring): 1st
1995  Pan American Open (forms): 3rd

last updated: 5/2/16