Name: Jamie Druhan Green
Position: Para Karate
Classification: Female Intellectually Impaired
Height: 5'4"
DOB: 12/4/1986
Birthplace: Albuquerque, N.M.
Hometown: West Chester, Ohio
High School: Lakota East High School
Team/Club: Buckner Martial Arts
Coach(es): Renshi Stephanie Buckner
Other Career Highlights
  • Sho Dan Black Belt 2015
  • Gold Medal Nationals 2018
  • Senior National Team Member 2018
  • 2018 World Championship - Para Karate Intellectual Impairment Category
Personal: I started karate in 2006 because I wanted to exercise and to challenge myself and build confidence....I am an Advanced and Rescue certified SCUBA diver. I do underwater photography. I love reading, music, singing and working out. ...Half the people who know me do NOT know that I am an highly certified SCUBA diver who dives at the Cincinnati Zoo and the Newport Aquarium and I am making a documentary about manatees. The OTHER half of the people who know me do NOT know I am a black belt in karate and compete all over. ALL these people do NOT know I sing.