HEIGHT 6'0" WEIGHT 151 lbs

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Gonyaw was born on Thursday, March 23, 2000 in Burlington, Vt. The native of South Burlington attends South Burlington High School. He has an athletic background in baseball. He enjoys playing second base. He was elected the captain of his freshman team in 2015. He started training daily in February to qualify for the junior world cup tour.

His family loved watching the bobsled event at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. His family had heard about the junior bobsled program and his grandfather helped sign him up. His brother started bobsledding in 2012. His grandfather would drive him to Lake Placid from Burlington and watch his brother slide. They both loved getting to the mountain and meeting new people.

Two weeks after his training started, his grandfather was killed in a car crash. Participating in bobsled is Gonyaw's way of honor his grandfather's love of adventure. 

In 2013, his brother was in need of a pilot, so Gonyaw helped him out. He is now in his third season of sliding and loves the sport and all of the people he has met along the way. 


- He is the youngest boy on the junior world cup tour.
- He is a hunter. Last year, he killed an eight-point buck. 
- He enjoys farming and working on a farm. He helps work on a farm that has pigs, cows, chickens, wood and hay.
- He is dyslexic.
- He loves meeting people and talking. For many years, his big brother would talk a lot. Now, it's his turn. 
- The first time he used the big sleds, he took three consecutive runs and nearly threw up.
- When he was eight, he bought a cow for $10 dollars. When his mom got home from school, it was in their driveway.