Team USA Years: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Hometown: Shorewood, Minnesota

Current residence: Phoenix, Arizona

When did you begin playing hockey: Pond hockey at 3; organized hockey in 2nd grade.

Current skating club/ Coaches name: Arizona Inline Hockey

Occupation, current employer:  Attorney; Real Estate Investor – Self-Employed


High school attended: Benilde-St. Margaret’s High School

Year of graduation: 1991

Location of high school: St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Sports you competed in while in high school (include number of years): Soccer 4; Softball 3; Track & Field 1

Other high school activities:

College attended: Brown University

Year of graduation: 1995

Degree/major: B.S., Psychology

Sports you competed in while in college (include number of years): Soccer 4; Ice Hockey 4

Other college activities: Student Athlete Advisory Board


Olympic Experience: see resume from application process

Pan American/World Games/International Experience: Inline Hockey World Championships

2002-Silver; 2003-ugh, see resume from application process

Team USA hockey awards, honors and statistics: see resume from application process

Other awards, honors, and statistics in hockey: see resume from application process

Other sports you currently participate in: soccer

Other awards and/or honors received outside of hockey:  see resume from application process


Life Goals: To realize, accept and utilize my God-given gifts to minister to others and this world as God intended.

Career goals: To be purchasing, remodeling and selling six properties at any given time. To be a knowledgeable, capable and wise attorney who provides efficient, meaningful, thoughtful and compassionate service to clients.

Future goals you hope to obtain as a hockey player: To be a reliable, consistent and selfless member of the 2016 Women’s Inline National Team that deservedly wins the gold medal at the 2016 FIRS Women’s World Championships and is the most sportsmanlike team at the tournament that also inspires others to participate in our sport in the same fashion.


Favorite sports figure: Humble athletes who overcome skeptics, injuries or hardships

Favorite food before a competition: Scallops and Zucchini pan-fried in coconut oil with garlic

Favorite book: Jane Eyre

Favorite place to shop: Costco

Favorite music to listen to during training or competition:

I’m most grateful for: My children and life partner and my health

Favorite hobbies: backpacking, adventure travel and crossword puzzles

If you could pick one word to describe you, what would it be: Perseverant

What makes you a unique and special person: My will to succeed as a parent to two amazing children and life partner to an amazing man who all drive me to be a better person.

Who is the person you most admire/greatest influence in your life and why:

My mom. She has quietly led by example my whole life.  She is compassionate, selfless, incredibly strong and wise; she exemplifies how to minister to others, how to be humble and work hard, how to be honest and forthright, yet tactful, and how to be a mom.


Father’s name:  James Woog, deceased

Father’s occupation: Physical therapist, Chiropractor, entrepreneur and business owner

Mother’s name: Gloria Woog-Kamish

Mother’s occupation: retired Registered Nurse, business owner

Brothers: James Woog; David Woog, Daniel Woog


Spouse’s name(if married): Michael Gillis – Life Partner

Children’s name and ages: Hope – 7; RJ - 5