Name: Kris Freeman
Cross Country Skiing
Current Residence:
Andover, N.H.
University of Vermont

Olympic Experience:

  • 2014 Olympic Winter Games, 52nd in men's 15km classic, 54th in men's skiathlon 30km, 57th in men's 50km freestyle
  • 2010 Olympic Winter Games, 45th in men's 15/15k pursuit, 59th in men's 15k, DNF in men's 50k
  • 2006 Olympic Winter Games, 12th in men's 4x10k relay, 21st in men's 15k, 61st in men's 50k
  • 2002 Olympic Winter Games, 5th in men's 4x10k relay, 14th in men's 10/10k pursuit, 22nd in men's 15k, 41st in men's sprint

Career Highlights:

  • 2013 World Championships, 10th (15K classic)
  • 2012, U.S. 50k freestyle champion
  • 2011, U.S. 50k classic champion
  • 2010, World Cup in Kuusamo, Finland 15k classic forth place
  • 2010, U.S. 15k freestyle champion
  • 2009, World Championships 15k classic fourth place
  • 2009, U.S. sprint classic champion
  • 2009, U.S. 10k freestyle champion
  • 2007, U.S. 15k freestyle champion
  • 2007, U.S. 10k classic champion
  • 2007, U.S. 30k skiathlon champion
  • 2007, U.S. 50k freestyle champion
  • 2006, U.S. 30k pursuit champion
  • 2006, U.S. 15k classic champion
  • 2006, U.S. 50k classic champion
  • 2003, World Championships 15k classic fourth place
  • 2003, U.S. 30k classic champion
  • 2003, U.S. 10k classic champion
  • 2000, U.S. 30k classic champion

Fun Facts: Was a high school runner ... Brother was a 2006 Olympian in cross-country skiiing...Advocate for diabetes education ... Enjoys Motley Crue, Velvet Revolver and Guns n Roses

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