Weight Category: 105kg     
Height: 5'9''
USA Weightlifting Club: Hassle Free
Coaches: Paul Doherty, Zygmunt Smalcerz  

Education: DeVry University
When did you begin weightlifting?  2006
How Did You Get Involved? Learned the lifts while playing high school football 
Athletic Goals:  Win an Olympic medal
Most Influential Person(s) in Your Sporting Career: All my family and friends that support me 

Hobbies/Interests Outside of Weightlifting: Video games 
Favorite Book(s):  None
Favorite TV Show and/or Movie:  South Park
Favorite Music Genre: Alternative Rock
Favorite Food:  Tacos  
Personal Goals: 
Get a college degree

Favorite Competition Lift: Snatch    

Favorite Training Lift: Snatch