Name: Darren Barnes

Height: 5’3

Weight Class: 56kg

USA Weightlifting Club:  Lindenwood Lions (Lift For Life)

Coaches: Derrick Johnson

What Year Did You Begin Weightlifting?  2001

How Did You Get Involved?  My older brothers got me started

Athletic Goals:  To become the best and go to the Olympics

Favorite Competition Lift: Snatch

Favorite Training Lift: Snatch

Most Influential Person(s) in Your Sporting Career: Derrick Johnson

Hobbies/Interests Outside of Weightlifting: Singing and Acting

Favorite Book(s): Cyrano de Bergerac

Favorite TV Show and/or Movie: Family Guy

Favorite Music Genre: R&B

Favorite Food:  Shrimp

Personal Goals: To become an Olympian, Musician, and Doctor

Most people don't know that..... I love school.