Athlete Ombuds


Mike Schultz USA leads United States of America's delegationduring the Opening Ceremony for the XII Paralympic Winter Games in the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium, PyeongChang, South Korea, Friday 9th March 2018.

Elite athletes may contact the Office of the Athlete Ombuds for confidential, independent advice regarding competition-specific rights, rules or requirements. A variety of rules, regulations and policies that athletes must agree to during the period of the Games as a condition for participation are outlined below. 

In particular, the Office of the Athlete Ombuds can help assist with questions involving:

  • Team selection
  • Games-specific rules
  • Athlete rights and obligations regarding advertising, commercial issues, permitted manufacturer identifications, social media guidelines and other marketing policies
  • Anti-doping
  • The U.S. Center for SafeSport and athlete safety
  • Conduct requirements
  • U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee and National Governing Body background check policy
  • Nationality or eligibility requirements
Disclaimer: Please note that advice from any member of the Office of the Athlete Ombuds, including but not limited to information provided on this website, does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. The Athlete Ombuds will offer neutral, independent advice to any athlete, and athletes should always seek legal counsel if they want specific legal advice or individual representation. See our homepage for our full disclaimer.