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Skill Development

If you're looking for new skills to keep you in demand in your career or are creative and curious, ACE has skill development recommendations for you. ACE will connect you with online skill development courses and resources including: learn to code, digital marketing, public speaking, building your personal brand, photography, design and more.

USOPC Sponsor Programs

General Assembly Online Training

As a member of the Adecco Group - official USOPC athlete career transition services sponsor - General Assembly is a leading global source for training and up/reskilling in high-demand fields like data-science, technology, design, and business.

Discover Social Media Course

General Assembly is offering free enrollment for its Discover Social Media course for any ACE eligible athlete. This is a five-hour hour course intended to teach the foundational skills needed to establish a social media presence. This course contains 18 lessons on topics including social media strategy, social media channels, and influencer marketing. This course is perfect for anyone looking to get a better understanding of social media strategy and marketing. To enroll, email

Learn new tech skills in two hours!

If you're keen to become fluent in the skills that'll keep you in demand in your career, General Assembly has a fresh crop of free two-hour online intro classes for you. Extend your lunch break to start exploring with expert instructors, whether it's in coding, UX design, data analytics, or digital marketing. View free courses.

DeVry Career Services Virtual Events

As part of the DeVry USOPC sponsorship, DeVry University Career Services is sharing its interactive webinars focusing on employment and job readiness topics to ALL ACE athletes and alumni. To attend these webinars, you do not have to be a DeVry student. Simply sign up using the link and enter your email address and the word GUEST where they ask you for your student D# number. If you require any ADA accommodations at an event, please contact DeVry’s Office of Student Disability Services at See upcoming events.

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