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Presented by Worth Winning's Lauryn Williams, CFP

Part 3: Reducing Expenses and Increasing Rewards

ACE Finance Series | Part 3 | Reducing Expenses and Increasing Rewards

MAY 19, 2020

Lauryn leads a discussion on budgeting, specifically tips on how much various items should cost and how to lower your expenses. This session explores ways to save through couponing, travel hacks, reward points and more.


ACE Finance Series | Part 2 | Taxes Dos and Donts
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Part 2: Taxes Dos and Don'ts

MAY 6, 2020 - We can’t talk about finances without talking about Uncle Sam! Nobody wants to pay taxes but it’s better than having the IRS show up at your door. So, how do you make sure you’re paying what you need to and keeping what you can?

In this session we’re get into all the dos and don’ts of taxes. Some topics include:

  • What counts as a “business expense” for athletes?
  • What you should plan to do with that refund
  • The tax professionals you should be working with
  • LLCs, S-Corps, and Sole Proprietorships: What’s right for me?

This session will help you whether you’re still getting your tax return completed for last year or needing to make sure you’re doing what you should be to get ready for next year. There’s no time like the present!

ACE Finance Series | Part 1 | Creating Various Income Streams
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Part 1: Creating Various Income Streams

APRIL 29, 2020 - As Team USA athletes, you know your sport doesn’t always hit your income goals. But those bills aren’t going to pay themselves. And, what happens when you retire as an athlete? This is the time to start figuring it out. So, let’s talk about how to create additional income streams.

About Lauryn Williams, CFP

Lauryn Williams, CFP is a four-time Olympian, three-time Olympic medalist and the first American woman to earn a medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. While pursuing professional sports Lauryn interacted with not one but two financial advisors that didn’t provide the services she needed. She asked friends what they were doing about their finances and the answers were vague and unsettling. Constantly looking for ways to make a difference in the lives of others she decided to put her Finance degree and MBA to use to fill the gap for young professionals. Eager to learn everything she then pursued the Certified Financial planning certification.

Her company, Worth Winning, offers virtual services to help young professionals get the answers to the financial question that matter most to them. Whether that is creating a budget, figuring out a plan for paying off student loans, setting goals for savings or understanding your 401(k) Worth Winning is ready to help with all things personal finance.