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The Hub hosts online resources and content to support active and retired Team USA athletes in their personal, professional and educational development and well-being. New ACE resources will be added weekly.

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Questions about COVID-19 may be answered in the Team USA Athlete FAQ: Navigating the Impact of COVID-19.

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Jobs and Career Planning

No matter where you are in your career journey - never had a 'real' job, looking for your first job, making a career pivot, starting your job search, negotiating a job offer - ACE jobs and career resources are designed to help you develop professionally. Through ACE coaches, certified career coaches and industry professionals, you can launch and grow your career with ACE.

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Personal Finance

Does it ever feel like everyone else took a class on how to manage your personal finances and taxes and you didn't? ACE has your back. We understand that as elite athletes, every "life" activity becomes more challenging, especially managing finances and taxes. The following resources are here to help you better manage their finances including taxes, your monthly budget, sport expenses and even creating sponsorship request packages. The better an individual understands their money management options both short term and long term, the more likely s/he can continue to compete in sport and find future financial stability.

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Skill Development

If you're looking for new skills to keep you in demand in your career or are creative and curious, ACE has skill development recommendations for you. ACE will connect you with online skill development courses and resources including: learn to code, digital marketing, public speaking, building your personal brand, photography, design and more.

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ACE Wellness

As elite Team USA athletes, your navigating a life of transitions. You never know when you will get your next opportunity or when a pandemic will hit and the entire world freezes at home...ACE Wellness connects you to a series of tools and techniques to help you press pause and work towards reaching your goals, no matter what is thrown at you. This content consists of interviews, worksheets and online communities curated by sport psychologist, clinical psychologist, researchers, executive coaches and life coaches to help you be at your best.

Mental health and additional athlete well-being resources related to COVID-19 are available in Team USA Athlete FAQ: Navigating the Impact of COVID-19.

Explore ACE Wellness.

COVID-19 Relief Support

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all in different ways and ever changing. No matter your situation, ACE will help you navigate your finances, find a job, understand financial relief options and more through a series of FAQs, videos and trusted sources of information.

Questions about COVID-19 can also be found in the Team USA FAQ: Navigating COVID-19.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Athlete Career and Education program is available to current elite, internationally competitive Team USA athletes and all Olympians and Paralympians. This includes athletes who've competed/participated in at least one of the following:


  • Any Olympic or Paralympic Games, regardless of last competition date
  • Senior World Championships, World Cup, Grand Prix or equivalent in the past two (2) calendar years
  • Earned a medal in Junior or U-23 World Championships in the past two (2) calendar years
  • Received at least one support service from the USOPC in the past 12 months including:
    • Direct Athlete Support funding
    • Elite Athlete Health Insurance
    • Resident athlete housing at an Olympic & Paralympic Training Center or Site
    • Other
  • Participate in an elite-level training program that is approved by both the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and a National Governing Body of an Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American or Parapan American sport

Eligible ACE athletes must be registered on the ACE platform to request individual support from a career coach. Once registered, email

In the email, indicate your full name, sport, what you're hoping to achieve by working with a career coach and what Resource Hub videos and resources you have reviewed.

Email Please provide the following if applicable:

  • Title of resource
  • Link to the resource
  • Screenshot(s) of the error and how you got there
  • Sign-in information
  • Any other relevant information to help troubleshoot the issue