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Program Update: USOPC Teams Up with ManpowerGroup to Support Athlete Professional Development

By Athlete Services | March 17, 2022, 5:41 p.m. (ET)

USOPC Athlete Services has expanded it's career services offerings with ManpowerGroup to further help Team USA athletes achieve their professional development goals.

Finding a new career is one of the most difficult transitions to navigate, and today, the job search is nothing like it used to be. The USOPC and ManpowerGroup will help athletes find the right career faster than they can alone.

Contact ace@usopc.org to get connected with ManpowerGroup and start your guided career journey.

How ManpowerGroup Helps Athletes Achieve Their Career Goals

Assess Strengths & Skills

Self-assessments allow you to understand and leverage your strengths and skills, personal and professional priorities, and ideal work environments, enabling you to focus your search on the right career opportunities – not just another job.

Build Your Brand

Build your own personal brand with help from our trainers and technology solutions that includes: resume building, social media profile optimization, personal website, and a 30- second commercial to help future employers understand the value you can bring to their organization.

Upskill & Educate

Prepare for certifications, and become even more attractive to employers with access to our powerYOU training platform with 35K+ online learning resources in business skills, desktop skills and IT skills.

Contact ace@usopc.org to get connected with ManpowerGroup.

The ManpowerGroup Team


The concierge will be with each athlete throughout their entire career journey, connecting them to all resources and helping them to navigate the process seamlessly.

Transitional Life Trainer

The transitional trainers are experts in helping athletes navigate their new next. The training will work with individuals through the early stages of transition out of sport leveraging assessment and self-reflection.

Job Readiness Trainer

For those ready to start the job search, the job readiness trainers provides the tools needed to succeed in this process including resume development, LinkedIn, job search strategy, interviewing & negotiation skills.

Pro Recruiter

Athletes will work with their pro-recruiter to find the right jobs leads that match their unique skills, expertise, and desired areas of interest.