About Team USA Tuition Grants

Athlete Services awards over $800 thousand annually to Team USA athletes for education in the form of tuition grants. The Team USA Tuition Grants allow athletes to further their education in preparation for lifelong career goals by defraying a portion of athletes’ tuition costs. This can take the form of traditional 2-and 4-year undergraduate or graduate degrees, industry specific certificates, professional development courses, job readiness training courses, and other educational courses that will lead to the advancement of the athlete’s career aspirations.

Applications are open all year and awards are distributed on a rolling basis to allow athletes to apply for a grant based on when they need monies. Eligible athletes may be awarded up to $4,500 in a calendar year.

Tuition Grant Funding Tracks

  • Traditional Higher Education such as associate's, undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degree programs through a college or university. *Must be currently enrolled and provide student ID.
  • Vocational such as trade school, plumbing, electrical, culinary, or other trade-specific licensures or certificates.

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Application Timeline

Rolling tuition grant applications opened August 15, 2022

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Tuition grant applications are open all year, with award determinations being made weekly. With greater flexibility in the timeline, please consider the following when applying:

  • Apply for you tuition grant funding at least 1.5 months prior to your payment deadline
  • The maximum amount of funding that can be requested in calendar year is $4,500
  • You may apply for more than one grant per year (maximum of all grants awarded will be $4,500)
  • You must use all of your monies before applying for a new grant
  • If awarded, the full award amount is paid in one sum
  • Depending on the program, this grant may be taxed
The Team USA Tuition Grant allows me to continue to train and study without an added financial stress

Former Tuition Grant Recipient


The Team USA Tuition Grants are available to all U.S. Olympians and Paralympians as well as current/recently retired, elite Team USA athletes who in the past two calendar years have represented the U.S. at an elite competition and in an event or discipline included on the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American or Parapan American Games program. This includes:


  • Any Olympic or Paralympic Games, regardless of last competition date
  • Senior World Championships, World Cup, Grand Prix or equivalent in the past two (2) calendar years
  • Received at least one support service from the USOPC in the past 12 months including:
    • Direct Athlete Support funding
    • Elite Athlete Health Insurance
    • Resident athlete housing at an Olympic & Paralympic Training Center or Site
    • Other
  • Participate in an elite-level training program that is approved by both the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and a National Governing Body of an Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American or Parapan American sport

In addition, athletes shall not be under a suspension or period of ineligibility—temporarily or otherwise—from WADA, USADA, the U.S. Center for SafeSport, the USOPC, a National Governing Body (NGB), a high-performance management organization (HPMO), or International Federation.

Tuition Distribution Procedure

Upon receiving a Team USA Tuition Grant, students will be notified of next steps to receive payment. Grants are only permitted to be applied toward tuition and fees for upcoming terms. Athletes will not be reimbursed for previous courses. Funding will not be allocated towards housing or other costs.

Athletes should allow up to three weeks for the USOPC to process payment and an additional month for the institution to apply the payment to their account. Please note, all USOPC Tuition Grant Payments are paid via check and mailed via U.S. Postal Service. Incorrect mailing addresses will result in an extreme delay or loss of payment.

Award Availability more

The Team USA Tuition Grants are made possible through the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation and the generosity of the donors. Award availability may vary.