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As a member of Team USA, you can earn a degree and are eligible for a full tuition scholarship through DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management. DeVry offers 40+ degree programs including business, technology, entrepreneurship, and healthcare, available online or in-person at over 30 locations nationwide.

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Athlete Eligibility**

Athletes must have competed/participated in at least one of the following:

  • Any Olympic or Paralympic Games, regardless of last competition date
  • Senior World Championships, World Cup, Grand Prix or equivalent in the past two (2) calendar years
  • Earned a medal in Junior or U-23 World Championships in the past two (2) calendar years
  • Received at least one support service from the USOPC in the past 12 months including:
    • Athlete Stipend funding
    • Elite Athlete Health Insurance
    • Resident athlete housing at an Olympic & Paralympic Training Center
    • Other

How to Apply

Complete the following to be considered for the full tuition scholarship:

1. Register with ACE

2.Submit online application

3. Questions? Contact

2021 Sessions
Application due December 21

Important Dates

DeVry Session

NOVEMBER 2020: Oct 26 - Dec 19

JANUARY 2021: begins Jan 3

Application Deadline

NOVEMBER 2020: Oct 19

JANUARY 2021: Dec 21. Note - If you plan to begin DeVry courses in 2021, you must complete your application by Dec. 21, 2020. The USOPC will not be administering scholarships on a rolling basis during 2021. View more information from DeVry.

Applications should be submitted by 11:59 p.m. MST

Deadlines are subject to change

DeVry Jumpstart - 30% Tuition Savings

About DeVry Jumpstart Partner Benefits

All Team USA athletes, coaches staff and immediate family members are eligible to receive financial assistance to DeVry University and the Keller Graduate School of Management in the form of 30% tuition savings. Benefits include:

  • Partner Group Tuition Rate (30% Savings)
  • One complimentary college course, up to three credit hours
  • Tuition Savings Rate extends to immediate family/dependents
  • Application fee waiver, and more

For more details and eligibility visit

Apply Now

Complete the DeVry | USOPC Group Tuition Rate application to get started earning your degree.

As part of the DeVry USOPC sponsorship, DeVry University Career Services is sharing its interactive webinars focusing on employment and job readiness topics to ALL ACE athletes and alumni. To attend these webinars, you do not have to be a DeVry student. Simply sign up using the link and enter your email address and the word GUEST where they ask you for your student D# number.

If you require any ADA accommodations at an event, please contact DeVry’s Office of Student Disability Services at

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*All scholarships are based on availability and funding.

As we approach the renewal date, please know that DeVry University will continue to honor the partner group tuition rate as we care about your continued academic and career success.For student receiving the 100% scholarship, if enrolled by 12/31/2020 your benefits will continue until graduation  as long as terms and conditions are continually met according to the USOPC – DVU scholarship terms and conditions document or cease enrollment for 6 consecutive sessions.

For students receiving 30% tuition reduction, if enrolled by 12/31/2020 your benefits will continue until graduation or cease enrollment for 6 consecutive sessions.

**Athletes may not be eligible for the full scholarship if they are applying for an equivalent second degree (i.e. seeking second Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree) and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and awarded funds at the discretion of ACE.