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About Pivot

Athletes retired from sport, and considering retirement, often feel a grand sense of loss. A loss of identity, a loss of community, support and camaraderie; a loss of personal validation, a loss of direction and purpose…

The ACE Pivot Program works to assist Team USA athletes in rebuilding their athlete tribe, reframing identity, and rediscovering self and purpose through discussion of their shared experience. Led by sports psychology professionals and specialists, athletes engage in a 2-day workshop and online follow-up meetings with their peers, designed to develop a growth mindset and empower them to tackle the next chapter of their lives with renewed support and confidence. Athletes will realize they are not alone, share and relate their experiences with others going through the same transition, and receive support for future success.

All travel and lodging accommodations will be provided to participants.

For more information, contact Terris "T" Tiller at

USOPC is currently evaluating how to proceed with future Pivot Workshops during the pandemic. More information coming soon.

Next Pivot Workshop
Tentative Fall 2020
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Contact your career coach or for more information about future Pivot Workshops and ACE services for retired/retiring athletes.

Program Outline

1. Pivot Workshop

The Pivot Workshop is a 2-day in-person workshop which brings up to 16 athletes through highly engaging and interactive activities to help them explore what drives them  personally and to discover their next steps.


Day 1


Part 1: Introduction to who you are right now

Day 2

Part 2: Maintaining consistent top performance during transition

Part 3: Normalizing my reactions to transition

Part 4: Sustaining Personal Energy for New Performance Goals

Celebration Dinner

2. Follow-up Meetings

After attending the in-person workshop, leadership consultants will guide pivoters through monthly, one-hour online team meet-ups around various topics including: professional development, personal growth, and work-life balance.

Example Discussion Topics

  • Common traits of high performing individuals
  • Fulfillment wheel
  • Personal priorities
  • Confidence
  • What drives me?
  • What goes in your bag?
  • Dream reflection paper
  • What is your brand?
  • Elevator pitch
Probably the best thing I chose to take advantage of in my entire life

2017 Pivot Participant


Team USA national team athletes, Olympians and Paralympians who recently retired from elite sport OR are considering retirement within the next six months.

To confirm Pivot eligibility, contact your ACE career coach or

The Pivot Workshop can host up to 16 athletes from various sports. Throughout the program, athletes will be divided into smaller teams lead by a table coach to help facilitate meaningful discussions.
$0. All athlete travel, food and program expenses are paid for by the USOPC.


Pivot Workshop


Sports Psychologist

Roberta Kraus is president of the Center for Sports Psychology in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The Center specializes in helping individuals and teams to develop mental strategies that lead to a consistent peak performance.  Olympic, Paralympic, world champion athletes and coaches along with collegiate athletic teams have used these strategies to successfully manage performance under pressure in their competitive and non-competitive life.

Her international reputation comes from extensive experience with designing and implementing specific training programs on the subject of peak performance, team leadership, group dynamics, communications, neuroscience, resiliency, motivation, transition and burnout.  Her involvement with world-class coaches and athletes helped those individuals and teams earn numerous medals in both world and national championships.  Her client base has included the LPGA, Olympic & Paralympic Sport Teams, US Figure Skating, USA Wrestling, WNBA, NACWAA, American Softball Association, US Rowing Association, USA Swimming, National Council of Youth Sports, 27 various collegiate athletic coaches and their athletes along with numerous club and high school athletic programs.

She was the sports psychologist for the USA Men’s and Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball teams which both won gold medals in the Paralympic Games Rio 2016.  She also facilitates the Athlete Career and Education Pivot Program (Consistent Top Performance with Life after Competition) workshops for upcoming and current retirees for both Team USA Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Most recently, Roberta published a mental training drill book for coaches and athletes to assist them in customizing a specific mental training program throughout their competitive season.  She also co-authored a new portable deck of coaching cards utilized to help develop coaches’ effectiveness.  This “Coaching Leaders Out-of-the-Box” training tool is a useful way to enhance skills as a coach in any walk of life. 

Roberta received her undergraduate degree in higher education from Montclair State College.  In addition, Roberta has a M.A. in education from the University of Northern Colorado, a M.S. in sports psychology from the University of Arizona and a Doctorate degree in communications from the University of Denver, specializing in its mental and team application to individual performance and group effectiveness within the athletic arena.

Roberta played both competitive basketball and tennis at Montclair State University.  She was an alternate for the Women’s Olympic Basketball team and maintains an undefeated college tennis record.  She also coached at the collegiate and high school level for 14 years coaching both basketball and high school volleyball.


Pivot Follow-Up

The purpose of the Pivot follow-up is to assist athletes through a healthy retirement process after the 2-day workshop. Pivoters are guided through regular, online team meet-ups around various topics including but not limited to: professional development, personal growth, and work-life balance. 

 The USOPC is under contract with follow-up facilitators and will post more information when available.

Unfortunately no. The workshop currently includes many visual activities and is not friendly to blind or visually impaired athletes. ACE is currently researching the best ways to host transition workshops and activities for our visually impaired athletes. If you would like to learn more about other non-Pivot transition resources, contact