Join Team USA and two-time marathon Olympic Medalist Frank Shorter December 13-16, 2018 for the inaugural Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center Indoor Marathon Fantasy Camp, which will be held at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 


This unique indoor race series offers the chance for participants to train, live and prepare like an Olympian. Participants will have the rare opportunity to stay at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center, eat all meals in the athlete dining hall and experience a behind-the-scenes consultation with Team USA sport science experts. Learn and test with the best in the industry in nutrition, sport psychology and strength and conditioning. The week will be capped with the Indoor Half and Full Marathon Race held at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center Velodrome. Get excited to dash for the gold medal with a pre-race meal and a motivational speech from Shorter, who is credited with the running boom in the United States during the 1970s.


The fantasy camp is limited to forty participants, so sign up today to ensure your chance to dash for the rings.




Cap-off the fantasy camp with an indoor half marathon and/or marathon! Both races will be held at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center Velodrome. This unique venue is located less than one mile south of the training center at Memorial Park. Both the half marathon and full marathon are the morning of Saturday, December 15.

Can't make the fantasy camp? Register for the Gold or Silver package to secure your spot in the race. Each race will close at forty runners, including the fantasy camp attendees.

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center Velodrome is the official training venue for U.S. Olympic and Paralympic track cycling and USA Roller Sports. The Velodrome was built in 1983 in preparation for the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, Calif. and features a 333.3-meter banked cement cycling track, which wraps around a 200-meter track for roller sports and for running. In the fall of 2015, the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and USA Cycling jointly funded the addition of an air-supported dome that will be in place each fall through spring to allow athletes to train indoors in the winter season.

Don’t miss this opportunity to train and race at the home of America's best.


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Please direct all inquiries about the Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center Indoor Marathon Fantasy Camp to cole.mckeel@usopc.org or mike.beagley@usopc.org.  No refunds will be issued after registration.