The global Olympic Movement is overseen by the International Olympic Committee, which is supported by 40 international federations that govern each sport on a global level and 206 National Olympic Committees (such as the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee) that oversee Olympic sport as a whole in each nation.

The NOCs also come together as the Association of National Olympic Committees and break down into five Continental Associations—including PanAm Sports, of which the USOPC is a member. Working with their respective NOC and directly with the IFs, National Federations (called National Governing Bodies in the U.S.) administer each sport at the national level. In the U.S., there are 45 Olympic NGBs (37 summer, eight winter) and five Pan American NGBs (summer only).

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The Paralympic Movement is overseen by the International Paralympic Committee and is supported by 17 international federations.

Of the 17 IFs, 11 are shared with Olympic sport, four are Paralympic-sport specific and two represent particular impairment groups (the IPC directly governs eight sports).

Meanwhile, 181 National Paralympic Committees oversee Paralympic sport as a whole in each nation, while National Federations (called National Governing Bodies in the U.S.) often manage the administration of the individual sports on a national level. In the United States, U.S. Paralympics - a division of the USOPC - directly governs six Paralympic sports, while 16 are managed by U.S. Olympic NGBs and five are overseen by designated High Performance Management Organizations.

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The International Federations are the international organizations recognized by the IOC that administer sports at a worldwide level, including organization of events at the Games. The IFs are responsible for the integrity of their sport(s) internationally.

National Governing Bodies are organizations that govern and manage all aspects of their individual sports within the United States. The NGBs are responsible for training, competition and development for their sports, as well as nominating athletes to the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams.

In the U.S., there are 37 Olympic summer sport NGBs, eight Olympic winter sport NGBs and five Pan American sport NGBs, for a total of 50. Paralympic sports are managed by either the USOPC (seven), Olympic NGBs (16) or High Performance Management Organizations (five).

Organizing each Olympic and Paralympic Games is entrusted to the NOC of the host city, as well as to the host city itself. The NOC forms an Organizing Committee of the Games, and the OCOG is required to report directly to the IOC.

For the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games that will take place in Los Angeles, the OCOG is LA 2028.

Per Section 8 of the USOPC’s Bylaws, organizations that are eligible for USOPC membership must be actively engaged in the administration of one or more sports on the program for the Olympic, Paralympic or Pan American Games; organizations that administer other sports that are widely practiced in the U.S.; and organizations (patriotic, educational or cultural) that are engaged in efforts to promote the participation in, or preparation for, amateur athletic competition.

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