International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program

The International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program is an intensive coaching education program offered to National Olympic Committees worldwide. It consists of lectures, guest speakers, participant presentations, group work and field trips, including an apprenticeship with a U.S. college or national team.

The ICECP is conducted in partnership with the University of Delaware and Olympic Solidarity, an IOC program that provides financial assistance to National Olympic Committees around the world. Thus far, the ICECP has reached 325 participants from 35 sports and 115 countries over the eleven-year history of the program.* 

The program is designed to provide national-level coaches the opportunity to develop proficiencies in the following areas:

  • Sport science
  • Talent identification
  • Athlete development
  • Athlete safety
  • Coaching education
  • Coaching management
  • Coaching ethics
  • Grassroots sport development

If you are interested in applying to the program or looking for more information, visit the ICECP website.