USOPC Diversity And Inclusion Definition

Definition Of Diversity And Inclusion:
Diversity and inclusion has many different definitions. The USOPC’s Diversity Working Group selected a definition that reflects the aim of creating an inclusive culture, which benefits from all the differences among its constituents. 

Is about differences among people, whether they work for, are served by or otherwise have a stake in the organization itself. These differences among stakeholders include but are not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, geographic location, national origin, religious beliefs, language, veteran status and physical abilities. Diversity is invaluable because it generates differing points of view, leads to innovation, fosters an understanding and acceptance of individuals from different backgrounds and recognizes the contributions that a variety of individuals and groups can make.

Is about creating and maintaining an environment in which people are not excluded or marginalized because of their differences. It means promoting an environment in which contributions and strengths are recognized, optimized and valued in a way that generates opportunities for adaptability, problem solving, growth and ultimately increased success.