The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee established the Complies with National Standards Program in 2014 to recognize National Governing Bodies that address the 40 National Standards for Sport Coaches (NASPE, 2006) and other key requirements outlined by the USOPC. The CNS Program was designed to track NGB coaching education programs to ensure quality, comprehensive training for all Team USA athletes.

A baseline measuring tool, the CNS Program provides an opportunity for each NGB to conduct an internal evaluation of its coaching curriculum – ranging from content to application – and verify that its program complies with the national standards. The ultimate goal is to create positive, safe and enriching environments for Team USA athletes through quality coaching.  

NGBs that meet the requirements earn USOPC recognition and the right to use the CNS mark for up to four years, at which time each program is re-evaluated. As national standards change, NGBs may be asked to annually update and comply with new policies.

Congratulations to the following NGBs that met the CNS Program requirements in the first review period, which concluded in April 2014:

• U.S. Figure Skating
• USA Gymnastics
• USA Track & Field
• USA Weightlifting
• USA Wrestling

For more information about the CNS Program, please contact:
Christine Bolger
Manager, USOPC Coaching Programs