About The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee

Samaritan Multi-Services Centered on Living (S.M.C.L.) Foundation & Associates, Inc. - Paralympic Sport New Orleans

2910 Seine Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70114

Club Description

Through our strong faith and trust in God, we create a healthy atmosphere that sparks neighborhood improvement projects and promote economic development that includes, jobs, health, fitness, sports and recreation. Our focus is helping individuals with disabilities and those who are economically disadvantaged and in need of support. SMCL supports a division III wheelchair basketball team, under the direction of the Rollin Rinos Wheelchair Athletic Association. Wheelchair Sports (recreation, competive, games and tournaments): Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Boccia.

Primary Contact

Julius Lee
President, CEO

Secondary Contact

Dale VanCourt
Vice President, Coach

Disability Groups Served

  • Amputee/Limb Deficiency
  • Cerebral Palsy/Brain Injury (Hypertonia, Ataxia, Athetosis, RoM)
  • Short Stature (Growth Dysfunction)
  • Spinal Cord Injury/Spina Bifida (Impaired Muscle Power)
  • Visual Impairment

Organization Type

  • Paralympic Sport Club
  • Sport Program

Program Types Offered

  • Competitive
  • Recreational

Programs Open To

  • Adults
  • Veterans Active Duty Military Personnel
  • Youth

Programs Specific to Military Personnel & Veterans

  • Yes

Sports Offered

  • Boccia
  • Cycling
  • Goalball
  • Sitting Volleyball
  • Wheelchair Basketball
  • Wheelchair Fencing
  • Wheelchair Softball
  • Wheelchair Tennis