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Push America

2015 Ayrsley Town Blvd., Ste. 200
Charlotte, North Carolina 28273

Club Description

Push America's Enabled Athlete Program is an opportunity for all people to display true human ability. Through the creation of the program, Push America provides fully inclusive, adaptive sports events aiming to bridge the gap between athletes with and without disabilities. The Enabled Athlete Program removes disability and replaces it with TEAMWORK and camaraderie. The Enabled Athlete Program offers a multitude of recreation opportunities from sea-kayaking to snow skiing. Contact Push America to see how you can become involved.

Primary Contact

Kyle Thomas
Dir. of Push America Challenge
(980) 318-5386

Disability Groups Served

  • Amputee/Limb Deficiency
  • Cerebral Palsy/Brain Injury (Hypertonia, Ataxia, Athetosis, RoM)
  • Short Stature (Growth Dysfunction)
  • Spinal Cord Injury/Spina Bifida (Impaired Muscle Power)
  • Visual Impairment

Organization Type

  • Grant Provider
  • Sport Program

Program Types Offered

  • Recreational

Programs Open To

  • Adults
  • Veterans Active Duty Military Personnel
  • Youth

Programs Specific to Military Personnel & Veterans

  • Yes

Sports Offered

  • Alpine Skiing
  • Canoe Kayak
  • Cycling