The Multi-Sport Organization Council is a partnership between the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and a number of community-based organizations. The council is comprised of one representative from each multi-sport organization, and each member is selected by their boards of directors or governing boards. The purpose of the MSOC is to ensure effective communication between the MSOs and the USOPC, and its goal is to develop national interest in sports, grow and sustain members and increase opportunities for participation in competition internationally, nationally and at the grassroots level.

To date, the MSOC is comprised of leaders from 35 multi-sport organizations. Partner MSOs range from Boys & Girls Clubs of America to the National Association of Police Athletic League, and with more than 25,000 facilities around the U.S., MSOs produce some of the largest events within the Olympic and Paralympic family.

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Executive Team

Bob Meserve, Disabled Sports USA – Chair
Austin Pruneda, United States Air Force – Vice Chair
Julia Ray, Disabled Sports USA – Secretary

*Leadership as of 9/22/20.