The Affiliate Organizations Council, previously known as the Multi-Sport Organization Council, is a partnership between the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and a number of community-based, military, adaptive, education-based, and recognized sport organizations. The council is comprised of one representative from each affiliate organization, To date, the AOC is comprised of leaders from 35 affiliate organizations.  

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AOC Mission & Commitments

The mission of the Affiliate Organizations Council (AOC) is to increase interest and national programming opportunities for sports participation in support of the Olympic and Paralympic movements through partnerships and collaboration efforts.

The AOC shall support and advance the Olympic and Paralympic movements with focus on the following commitments:
  • Promote inclusion and diversity
  • Conduct sport development, competition and/or participation opportunities (locally/nationally/internationally)
  • Protect and foster athlete and participant well-being
  • Provide educational learning opportunities
  • Partner and collaborate across the Olympic and Paralympic community.

AOC Vision & Purpose

The AOC vision is to preserve the fundamental principles underlying the Olympic and Paralympic movements in the United States, consistent with the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act and the USOPC Bylaws. The AOC will facilitate the pursuit of common dreams and values of sport by giving participants, volunteers, and observers the opportunity to be involved in the Olympic and Paralympic movements.

The AOC shall have the following purposes:
  • To represent the views of the AOC to the USOPC Board of Directors, USOPC management, and the Olympic and Paralympic communities.
  • To ensure close cooperation and ongoing communications between the AOC and USOPC management and the Olympic and Paralympic communities. 
  • To share best practices, strategies and information that may help the Olympic and Paralympic community and AOC members to continuously improve the quality of their services and operations. 

AOC Leadership

Bob Meserve, AOC Chair
Davis Whitfield, NFHSA, AOC Vice Chair
Julia Ray, Move United, AOC Secretary
Dawn Churi, BlazeSports
Emily Dewey, US Polo
Steven Dinote, US Department of Defense
Marshall Einhorn, Maccabi USA
Dr. Chris Parker, NJCAA
Beth Porreca, USA Football
Willie Wilson, US Army
Sarah Wilhelmi, U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee

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