The Team USA Ambassador Program, launched in advance of the Beijing 2008 Games, aims to prepare U.S. athletes for the Games environment in their pursuit of competitive excellence, as well as to empower them as Team USA ambassadors and stewards of the Olympic and Paralympic ideals. Participation in the course is mandatory for all U.S. athletes prior to competing at the Games and more than 3,600 athletes – from Olympic and Paralympic veterans to newcomers – have completed the program since its inception.

The 2020 program will be offered to athletes in two parts – an online course and an in-person session. The interactive online course is designed to introduce athletes to the ambassador program’s main themes and topics, which will then be expanded upon during the in-person session. Topics and themes include a Games overview, how to handle distractions, ways to maximize their positions as role models and embracing the opportunity to create a lasting, impactful legacy. The in-person session features presentations and inspirational talks from respected veteran Olympic and Paralympic athlete ambassadors, who are able to communicate their experiences athlete to athlete.

The Team USA Ambassador Program instills a sense of pride and awareness in representing Team USA, and further encourages U.S. athletes to handle themselves with grace, composure and awareness both on and off the field of play. This has been a part of the Olympic/Paralympic journey for all U.S. athletes who strive to inspire Americans and contribute to making the world a better place through sport.

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