The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee, in partnership with its National Governing Bodies and Dr. Wade Gilbert of Human Kinetics, created the USOPC Quality Coaching Framework, which provides an overarching set of principles that is designed to inform how to coach most effectively. The USOPC QCF is a vetted, carefully crafted, evidence-based resource that establishes a common language and principles of quality coaching for all those working in Team USA coaching contexts.

The USOPC QCF was first published in 2017 and was updated in 2020 to enhance and emphasize key areas of focus for Team USA coaches and the American system. Updates in 2020 include:

  • Updated USOPC Code of Conduct references
  • Updated connections to the 2019 National Coaching Standards
  • Additional information on the USOPC and National Governing Body American Development Models
  • Increased emphasis on Athlete-Centered and Coach-Driven methodologies for well-being

The USOPC QCF aims to help the USOPC’s coaching education department make important progress toward achieving the following goals and objectives:

  • Advance the profession of coaching in the United States through recognition and exposure
  • Promote coaching certification and positive examples of coaching principles in action
  • Close performance gaps by raising awareness of and supporting coaching education programming that is aligned through collaboration with NGBs and other partner organizations
  • Support Team USA and the USOPC’s sport performance division in the delivery of education about high-performance coaching while developing resources to support NGBs
  • Deliver programming from the USOPC to fill gaps in current NGB and U.S. programming

The USOPC QCF further serves multiple stakeholders working in Team USA coaching contexts, including:

  • Coaching education program providers
  • NGB administrators and working groups
  • Coaching scientists
  • Sports organizations

Principles for Success

The USOPC Quality Coaching Framework consists of six chapters, each focused on a different, but related, component of quality coaching. The chapters highlight the coach­ing principles associated with each subject:

Chapter One: Quality Coaching
Chapter Two: Essential Coaching Knowledge
Chapter Three: Athlete-Centered Outcomes
Chapter Four: Contextual Fit
Chapter Five: Evaluation and Recognition
Chapter Six: Coach Well-being

Download the full USOPC Quality Coaching Framework.


Q. Why did the USOPC develop the QCF?
A. The USOPC’s coaching education department developed the QCF to illustrate the key elements of quality coaching, both in principle and in practice. The framework is designed to assist National Governing Bodies and partner sport organizations focus on research-based concepts that help identify and enhance quality coaching in the United States. 

Q. How will the USOPC use the QCF?
A. The USOPC will look to align programming, education and resources to emphasize key coaching principles for the betterment of U.S. Olympic and Paralympic coaching development, education and recognition efforts.

Q. How should the QCF be utilized by sport organizations?
A. The USOPC is committed to working with its National Governing Bodies and partner sport organizations to implement the QCF, and encourages any coach, educator and sport enthusiast to apply the principles to their everyday practices to better the athlete sport experience in the U.S.


For questions related to the USOPC's Quality Coaching Framework, contact:
Chris Snyder
USOPC Director of Coaching Education
(719) 866-2245