A detail view of the baton changing hands.

The athlete plays the most important part in their sport experience and athletic development. An athlete must learn, develop and achieve physical, mental and emotional success in their sport. The following six recommendations are designed to help athletes achieve their goals and maximize their full potential in sport.

  • Develop physical literacy and sport skills every day. Use multi-sport/activity and cross-training to help develop and achieve all-around success.
  • Focus on skill proficiency and game development over competition results and performance outcomes at the early stages of sport development.
  • Use free-play/pick-up game opportunities to stay active and build creativity outside of structured play.
  • Listen to the body and understand that rest and recovery are part of the sport development process.
  • Set goals and gather feedback from coaches and administrators to help achieve those goals.
  • Stay active year-round and use sport as an outlet for physical activity and exercise.