The Olympic & Paralympic Torch Award is presented to an individual in recognition of outstanding service to the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic movements.

Now an annual honor, the award was first established in 1965. The recipient has made a positive impact on the Olympic and Paralympic movements in the United States and has made many contributions to promoting the Olympic and Paralympic ideals throughout the country.


  • Honors an individual
  • Recognizes meaningful impact on U.S. Olympic and Paralympic movements
  • Does not need to be awarded in same year of contributions


1965     Avery Brundage, USOC President (1928-53)
1966     Kenneth L. Wilson, USOC President (1953-65)
1966     Asa S. Bushnell, USOC Officer
1966     R. Max Ritter, USOC Officer
1969     Douglas F. Roby, USOC President (1965-69)
1969     T. Nelson Metcalf, USOC Executive Board
1973     Clifford H. Buck, USOC President (1970-73)
1974     William E. Simon, USOC President (1981-85)
1977     Gerald Ford, U.S. President
1977     Philip O. Krumm, USOC President (1973-77)
1981     Robert J. Kane, USOC President (1977-81)
1985     Col. F. Don Miller, USOC Executive Director (1973-85)
1989     Edward J. Derwinski, Secretary-designate of Veterans Affairs
1990     Baaron Pittenger, USOC Executive Director
1996     Bonnie Blair, U.S. Olympic speedskating champion (1988, '92, '94)
2000     Bud Greenspan, Olympic filmmaker
2000     Dr. Evie G. Dennis, USOC Officer
2010     George E. Killian, USOC Board of Directors (1967-2003)
2011     Christy Halbert, Boxing Coach
2012     Micki King, vice president of the U.S. Olympians Association
2013     Dr. Evie Dennis, former vice president of the USOC and Amateur Athletic Union
2014     Willie Banks, former president and vice president of the USOPA 
2015     Anne Warner Cribbs, former president and vice president of the USOPA 
2016     Jim Easton, former IOC and USOC board member (1994-2015), and IOC Vice President (2002-06)
2017     Michael Lenard, former USOC vice president and 1984 Olympian (team handball) 
2018     Michael Stephens, Lakeshore Foundation*
2019     Donna de Varona

*Awarded posthumously