The Jack Kelly Fair Play Award was established by the United States Olympic Committee in 1985 to honor the late USOC President and Olympic medalist John B. “Jack” Kelly, Jr. The honor is awarded annually to an athlete, team, coach or official in recognition of an outstanding act of fair play and sportsmanship displayed during the past year. The award is now presented by Kelly's wife, Sandra Kelly.

Fair play can be described as an athlete who is dedicated to playing fair, obeys the rules, and upholds the spirit of the game. Sportsmanship is an athlete whose conduct and attitude demonstrate gracious behavior before, during, and after competition.

In addition to being a past president of the USOC, Kelly was an Olympic bronze medalist in single scull rowing in 1956 and an eight-time U.S. National Champion. He was awarded the James E. Sullivan Award for the top amateur U.S. athlete in 1947. He was the son of another famous Olympian, rowing triple gold medalist John B. Kelly, as well as brother to Princess Grace Kelly. Jack Kelly passed away in 1985.

Past Award Recipients

1985      Kandi Amelon and Alec Binnie; athletes, figure skating
1986      Judy Caunter; athlete, cycling
1987      Cleveland Stroud; high school coach, basketball
1988      Mike DeCicco; University of Notre Dame coach, fencing
1989      Richard A. Weiss; athlete, canoe/kayak
1990      Ashley Davenport, Tanya Giarnella, Maya Mylroie, Lexie Riley; 
              U.S. Olympic Festival East Women's Road Team, cycling
1992      Michelle Manus; high school cross-country runner, track and field
1993      Cathy O'Brien; 1988 and 1992 Olympic marathoner, track and field
1994      Kristen Talbot; three-time Olympian (1984, 1988, 1994), speedskating
1995      *Fred Lebow; Former President and CEO of the New York Road Runners Club
1996      *Col. F. Don Miller; Former USOC Executive Director and USOF President
1996      *Scott Shipley; athlete, canoe/kayak
1997      Jackie Joyner-Kersee; four-time Olympian (1984, 1988, 1992, 1996), track and field
1998      Lance Armstrong; three-time Olympian (1992, 1996, 2000), cycling
1999      Michele Akers; 1996 Olympian, soccer
2003      Laura Kraut; two-time Olympian (1992, 2000), equestrian 
2005      Erin Mirabella; two-time Olympian (2000, 2004), cycling
2006      Ash Nelson; 2006 Wisconsin state junior champion, curling
2008      Central Washington University Women’s Softball Team
2009      Regina Jaquess; athlete, water ski
2010      Steve Pupel; athlete, table tennis
2011      Jenna Huff; athlete, track and field
2012      Meghan Vogel; athlete, track and field
2013      Adam Krikorian; U.S. Olympic Women's Water Polo Team head coach
2014      Lucas Euser; athlete, cycling
2015      Miles Gould and Trey McDonald; athletes, archery
2016      Jim Eckford; athlete, track and field
2017      Abbey D’Agostino; 2016 Olympian, track and field 
2018      Dr. Patricia DeLaMora, Ironman athlete
2019     May Tieu, 2018 Youth Olympian, fencing

* Awarded posthumously