Paralympic National Coach of the Year

Established in 2004, the Paralympic National Coach of the Year is presented to a coach of an elite-level club, collegiate or national-level team, or the coach of an elite athlete who competes at the highest level of his/her sport. In 2017, this award was added to the Team USA Awards program and was renamed the Paralympic Coach of the Year award.

2004       Mike Hulett, USA Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team Coach
2005       Randi Smith, U.S. Paralympic Archery Team Head Coach
2006       Julie O’Neill, U.S. Paralympic Swim Team Head Coach
2007       Adam Bleakney, U.S. Paralympic Wheelchair Track Coach
2008       Ken Armbruster, U.S. Paralympic Women’s Goalball Head Coach
2009       Scott Moore, Denver Judo Coach
2010       Ray Watkins, 2010 U.S. Paralympic Alpine Ski Team
2011       Dave Denniston, U.S. Paralympic Swimming Head Coach 
2012       Tom Franke, U.S. Paralympic Swimming Head Coach 
2013       Adam Bleakney, U.S. Paralympic Track & Field coach 
2014       Brian Loeffler, Swimming, U.S. Paralympic Swimming Team coach
2015       John Devorss, Salem Tennis and Swim Club
2016       Adam Bleakney, U.S. Paralympic Track and Field coach
2017       Eileen Carey, U.S. Paralympic Nordic Skiing coach