The USOPC is proud to recognize the efforts of America’s finest coaches with the Order of Ikkos. The medallion is a symbol of excellence in coaching as represented by athletes’ achievement as an Olympic or Paralympic Medalist.

It is not tradition for the International Olympic Committee to recognize coaches for medal-winning performances at the Games. The USOPC’s Order of Ikkos medal allows for each U.S. Olympic or Paralympic medalist to acknowledge one coach for their leadership in achieving world-class success. Each medal is uniquely handcrafted to reflect the Olympic and Paralympic Games for that year. 

The Order of Ikkos medal was established prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and inspired by Ikkos – the first recorded Olympic coach in Ancient Greece. He became renowned for his coaching ability after leading two Tarentine athletes to gold medals in Pentathlon.

The lists below represent countless hours of training America’s athletes to achieve the dream of an Olympic medal.

Order of Ikkos Honor Roll: