Doc Counsilman Science Award

Established in 2004, the Doc Counsilman Science Award recognizes a coach who utilizes scientific techniques and equipment as an integral part of his/her coaching methods or has created innovative ways to use sport science.

2004       Joe Vigil, Track & Field
2005       Dr. Kyle Pierce, USA Weightlifting
2006       Kate Arbour, U.S. Figure Skating
2007       Sean O’Neill, U.S. Paralympics Table Tennis
2008       Dave Bennett, USA Wrestling
2009       Heidi Thibert, U.S. Figure Skating and Edora Pool and Ice Center Coach
2010       Dr. Grant Schaffner, Skeleton
2011       Neal Henderson, USA Cycling - More
2012       Doug Eng, U.S. Tennis Association - More
2013       Gordon Uehling III, U.S. Tennis Association - More
2014       Dave Hamilton, U.S. Women’s National Field Hockey Team director of performance science
2015       Warren Pretorius, Tennis Analytics 
2016       Derek Davis, USA Archery