USOC Diversity And Inclusion: How To Use Scorecards To Grow Sport

"Diversity and inclusion are core values at the USOC because they make us better as an organization, ensuring that we're capable of solving our complex business needs and equipped to provide the kind of support America's elite athletes need. The more we include diverse perspectives and experiences in our work and thinking, the more likely we'll be able to thrive in an incredibly competitive world.”
-Scott Blackmun, CEO

How To Use The USOC D&I Scorecard As Strategy To Grow Sport:
The D&I Scorecard can assist in identifying opportunities to grow the sport, tracking success in diversity and inclusion and capturing data that can be used in cultivating sponsors. The scorecard will reflect how effective an NGB or HPMO has been in reaching certain demographics a potential sponsor may be trying to reach. In addition, the scorecard can be used to review trends, track organizational impact and celebrate success related to diversity and inclusion initiatives.