Diversity and Inclusion

USOC Diversity and Inclusion is: Many Faces, One Team, One Mission.

As the steward of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements in the United States, the U.S. Olympic Committee is dedicated to supporting U.S. athletes achieve sustained competitive excellence. To fulfill this mission, the USOC recognizes the need to increase diversity and ensure the inclusion of all U.S. citizens.

The Olympic and Paralympic Movements can thrive in the United States only if the entire U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Family  strives to reflect the changing faces of the nation. By welcoming individuals from every background and creating opportunities for the best athletes to compete at the elite level, the USOC will continue to build a diverse group of strong role models to inspire the next generation of U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

The goal of the USOC Diversity and Inclusion program is twofold: to increase performance and ensure long-term support for Team USA and National Governing Bodies by harnessing the synergy of many diverse talents into a high-performing team.

“Diversity and inclusion are core values at the USOC because they make us better as an organization, ensuring that we’re capable of solving our complex business needs and equipped to provide the kind of support America’s athletes need. The more we include diverse perspectives and experiences in our work and thinking, the more likely we’ll be able to thrive in an incredibly competitive world.”  – USOC CEO Scott Blackmun

D&I – Why?

Diversity extends beyond race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender, and includes less measurable qualities such as perspective and experience. In order to be sustainable, diversity and inclusion should focus beyond demographic initiatives and connect with identified business objectives for the USOC and NGBs.

By incorporating greater diversity and inclusion within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movements, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Family may increase its impact within the international sports arena and position itself for success within the changing U.S. landscape. Outreach to new communities will lead to long-term positive impact on elite athlete and membership pipelines, revenue and leadership talent.