2017 Team USA Awards Best of the Year Qualifiers

Each of the five men's and women's finalists, and three team finalists for Best of the Month honors automatically qualify for the Team USA Awards presented by Dow Best of the Year honors. Below are the monthly finalists from the 2016-17 qualification period, which ranges from September 2016-Fall 2017. The 2017 Best of the Year Awards will be held in December. 


Monthly Finalists Sport Monthly Wins
Marcus Stroman Baseball March
Lowell Bailey Biathlon February
Corben Sharrah Cycling - BMX  
David Dinsmore Diving  
Kent Farrington Equestrian  
McLain Ward Equestrian April
Miles Chamley-Watson Fencing  
Race Imboden Fencing  
Alexander Massialas                                 Fencing  
Jason Brown Figure Skating October
Nathan Chen Figure Skating December, January
Dylan St. Cyr Ice Hockey  
Tucker West Luge  
Jamie Brown Paratriathlon  
Freddie de los Santos Paralympic Cycling  
Chris Murphy Paralympic Cycling  
Jake Adicoff Paralympic Nordic Skiing  
Mikey Brannigan Paralympic Track and Field  
Isaac Jean-Paul Paralympic Track and Field  
Isaiah Rigo Paralympic Track and Field  
Mike Minor Paralympic Snowboarding      November
Robert Griswold Paralympic Swimming  
Perry Baker Rugby  
Michael McPhail Shooting  
Matt Antoine Skeleton  
Travis Ganong Skiing-Alpine  
McRae Williams Skiing-Freestyle  
Andrew Kurka Skiing-Paralympic Alpine  
Thomas Walsh Skiing-Paralympic Alpine  
Declan Farmer Sled Hockey  
Ryan Stassel Snowboarding  
Christian Pulisic Soccer  
Joey Mantia Speedskating - Long Track  
Caeleb Dressel Swimming July
Andrew Wilson Swimming  
Sam Querrey Tennis  
Abdi Abdirahman Track and Field  
Ryan Crouser Track and Field  
Sam Kendricks Track and Field  
Clayton Murphy Track and Field  
Christian Taylor Track and Field May
Greg Billington Triathlon  
Nate Smith Water Skiing  
CJ Cummings, Jr. Weightlifting June
Kyle Snyder Wrestling August


Monthly Finalists
Sport Monthly Wins
Susan Dunklee Biathlon February
Elana Meyers Taylor  Bobsled  
Ginny Fuchs Boxing  
Amber Neben   Cycling-Road  
Laura Graves Equestrian  
Lee Kiefer Fencing  
Anna van Brummen                                  Fencing November
Ashley Wagner Figure Skating October
Erin Hamlin Luge December
Jill Walsh Paralympic Cycling  
Oksana Masters  Paralympic Nordic Skiing          
Brenna Huckaby Paralympic Snowboarding  
Aspen Shelton Paralympic Swimming  
Breanna Clark Paralympic Track and Field June
Hannah Dederick Paralympic Track and Field  
Tatyana McFadden Paralympic Track and Field  
Chelsea McClammer Paralympic Track and Field  
Amanada McGrory Paralympic Track and Field April
Rhonda Rajsich Racquetball  
Laura Zeng Rhythmic Gymnastics  
Kim Rhode Shooting  
Mikaela Shiffrin Skiing-Alpine March
Ashley Caldwell Skiing-Freestyle  
Julia Marino Skiing-Freestyle  
Lindsey Jacobellis Snowboarding  
Chloe Kim Snowboarding  
Haylie McCleney Softball  
Heather Bergsma    Speedskating-Long Track  
Ella Eastin Swimming  
Katie Ledecky Swimming July
Jackie Galloway Taekwondo  
Serena Williams Tennis January
Venus Williams Tennis  
Tori Bowie Track and Field May
Emma Coburn Track and Field  
Dalilah Muhammad Track and Field  
Jordan Hasay Track and Field  
Molly Huddle Track and Field  
Summer Cook Triathlon  
Katie Zaferes Triathlon  
Regina Jaquess Water Skiing  
Sarah Robles Weightlifting  
Helen Maroulis Wrestling August


Monthly Finalists
Sport Monthly Wins
U.S. Women's Recurve Team Archery May
U.S. World Baseball Classic Team Baseball March
Brooke Sweat and Summer Ross Beach Volleyball  
Jamie Greubel Poser and Aja Evans Bobsled  
Elana Meyers Taylor and Kehri Jones Bobsled February
U.S. Show Jumping Team Equestrian  
U.S. Men's Foil Team Fencing  
U.S. Women's Foil Team Fencing  
Madison Chock and Evan Bates Figure Skating  
Maia and Alex Shibutani Figure Skating                         October, December
U.S. Men's National Junior Team Ice Hockey January
U.S. Women's National Team Ice Hockey November, April
Matt Mortensen and Jayson Terdiman     Luge   
Team Relay Luge  
U.S. Team Sprint Paralympic Cycling  
U.S. Men's Sevens Team Rugby  
U.S. Women's Sevens Team Rugby  
Stu McNay and Dave Hughes Sailing  
U.S. Women's Sitting Team Sitting Volleyball  
U.S. National Sled Hockey Team Sled Hockey  
U.S. Women's 400-meter Medley Relay Swimming  
U.S. Women's Senior National Team Synchronized Swimming June
U.S. Women's Fed Cup Team Tennis  
U.S. Women's 4x400-meter Relay Track and Field  
U.S. Women's National Team Water Polo July
U.S. Men's Freestyle World Championship Team  Wrestling August