Olympic Day, held annually on June 23, is an exceptionally important day in the history of the Olympic Games. On this day in 1894, Baron Pierre de Coubertin began the task of reviving the Olympic Games. Because he saw immense value in the moral and educational value of sport, he created a committee responsible for the organization of the first modern Olympic Games, initiating an international Olympic Movement. Two years later, the first modern Olympic Games were staged in Athens, Greece, and resulted in the creation of an International Olympic Committee. Today, the Olympic Games have transformed into an internationally celebrated event and have become recognized by more than 160 nations.

Olympic Day is annually celebrated by thousands of people across the globe. Commemorating the birth of the modern Olympic Games, Olympic Day is not only a celebration, but an international effort to promote fitness and well-being, along with the Olympic Ideals of fair play, perseverance, respect and sportsmanship