The U.S. Olympic Committee reinstated the U.S. Olympic Academy in 2014 as an Olympic education platform that creates a national forum for the advancement of the social and educational principles of Olympism. These two principles are embodied through USOA activities that aim to inspire and cultivate Olympism throughout the United States.

The social principles are tied to programming that focuses on the USOC’s belief that U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes serve as the greatest representatives and most effective ambassadors of the Olympic Movement in the United States. Recognizing this, many USOA programs further develop the Olympic values in these elite athlete role models and empower them to make positive contributions to their communities, thereby cultivating and growing Olympism in the United States.

The educational principles of Olympism are embodied in the USOA through the exchange of ideas and circulation of Olympic materials. Central to this is the USOA Workshop, which assembles those influential in the U.S. Olympic Movement to discuss important Olympic issues. Additionally, the USOA is committed to participating in and contributing to the mission of the International Olympic Academy, which is to preserve and spread the Olympic spirit by studying, serving and promoting the ideals and principles of the Olympic Movement. Currently in development is the creation of an online library to house select Olympic education materials and resources in one central location. This library will include video modules, presentations, and other Olympic references that have been gathered from the USOC, the IOA and other sources.