U.S. Olympic Committee performance technology staff use technology to provide performance measurement, proper feedback and scouting to athletes and coaches. By discovering and integrating applied technologies into training regimens, the team can better understand and improve athlete, team and coaching performance. Sport technologists help implement new technologies through consultation, education and National Governing Body partnerships.

Among other tools, technologists use an in-house video analysis facility to advise athletes on technique development and also evaluate performance. They also use wireless video, DVD and podcast feedback, high-speed video analysis, motion tracking performance measurement sensors and heads-up display.

At the Olympic and Winter Olympic Games, technologists provide a High Performance Center, which provides NGB video and feedback requests, venue-specific video collection and international broadcast video collection.

Some technologies and solution have not yet been discovered. For this team, questions are what drive discovery and development of future services.

Shared resources and partnerships
The group also offers short-term equipment and solution loans for NGBs that include video equipment, video analysis software, feedback tools, international power solutions, data collection tools and wireless transmission equipment.

In addition to loaning out equipment, the team delivers education and training to NGBs on topics like team scouting, critical factors of sport performance and software training. They also utilize corporate sponsorships with companies like Panasonic and Dartfish for technology development.