Strength and Conditioning


Strength and conditioning staff provide scientific, sport-specific strength and conditioning training protocols by developing a proper and thorough needs analysis for each sport. By applying optimal stress, recovery and program design to training programs, athletes maximize training efforts and are better prepared for competition. Every sport is categorized into one of four sportfolios:

  • Endurance
  • Strength and power
  • Acrobat and combat
  • Team and technical

Each sportfolio has its own strength and conditioning specialist who focuses on injury prevention and performance management. These experts work with technical specialists to develop multiple modes of training, including explosive power, speed training and flexibility training.

Benefits of speed can result in increased performance, decreased risk of injury and increased skill acquisition. Additionally, this type of training contributes to better balance, coordination, quickness, physical fitness, confidence, self-esteem, quicker recovery times and mental toughness.