Sport nutrition experts at the U.S. Olympic Committee take a three-pronged approach to helping athletes achieve athletic excellence. By focusing on service, education and research, the team provides top-tier nutritional support to athletes and coaches.

The sport nutrition team is uniquely positioned to bring today’s best practices to the forefront. Integrating expertise from the USOC’s sports medicine division and strength and conditioning team, sports nutrition experts utilize science as the foundation of performance enhancement. While they utilize a food-first approach, staff also recognizes the importance of dietary supplements to help treat nutrient deficiencies. Further, the team is diligent in keeping up to speed on supplemental safety so it can educate athletes and coaches on the risks and benefits of supplementation.

USOC nutritionists and dietitians play a collaborative role in ensuring athletes’ needs are met – both on and off the field. Visit a training location and you’ll see nutritionists collaborating with food service managers to serve fresh, healthy and performance-based menus. Experts also travel with Team USA athletes to training and competition venues – at times through mobile applications – to monitor nutrition-related parameters and reinforce sport nutrition practices at home and on the road.

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