Sport Performance

The U.S. Olympic Committee’s Sport Performance Division delivers focused, applied and performance-impacting sport science, technology and medical services to America’s top coaches and athletes. Headed by Alan Ashley, the team is comprised of experts in nutrition, biomechanics, medicine, physiology, strength and conditioning, psychology and performance technology. Using cutting-edge technology and revolutionary training techniques, the division is second to none in providing resources to further athlete development.

The unique, collaborative structure allows experts to share insights and knowledge across sports and throughout disciplines. In turn, this makes the USOC more targeted and effective in developing game-changing programs that enhance athletes’ ability to reach their true potential and excel in international competition.

In addition to providing elite athletes with access to state-of-the-art Olympic Training Centers and unique training camps, the division offers a variety of services, including:

  • High performance leadership and coaching
  • Nutrition, recovery, strength and conditioning programs, and education Sport psychology, physiology and technology
  • Travel, equipment and other competition needs
  • Housing, training facilities, food services, security, media training, on-site transportation to competitions and ceremonies, medical services and more for each member named to Team USA during an Olympic or Paralympic Games