During the Games, event tickets can be purchased at all official PyeongChang Organizing Committee (POCOG) sales locations. Ticket box offices will be located at most competition venues, just before ticket scanning areas, and will operate on competition days. Competition venues in the Gangneung Olympic Park will not have dedicated ticket box offices for each venue, but there will be one ticket box office inside the Park and two ticket box offices in front of the Park’s entrances. Tickets will also be available at the ticket box offices in front of the entrances at the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza. Methods of Payment: Visa credit card or cash (KRW).

The United Staes Olympic Committee (USOC) will receive a quota of complimentary Athletes’ Zone tickets for their non-accredited guests for Victory Ceremonies in which their athlete(s) will receive medals. The number of such tickets will include 2 tickets for each medalling athlete’s friends and family.

The Athletes' Friends and Family (AFF) program managed by the POCOG guarantees to each participating athlete the opportunity to purchase two tickets for their friends and family for each session in which they compete. Opening and Closing Ceremony tickets are not included in the AFF ticketing program. Family or friends using AFF tickets must be someone directly involved or interested in the development of the athlete to which the ticket is associated. Questions may be asked at venues by POCOG staff to identify this relationship. The AFF tickets may not be sold or resold to the general public.

In addition to the AFF program, the USOC will provide each National Governing Body two (2) complimentary tickets per competing athlete for friends and family. These will be distributed in advance (as much as possible) through the Team Leader or NGB Friends & Family (F&F) Coordinator. Tickets for event finals are provided by POCOG with very little notice due to the timing of when athletes qualify for the event. Once the USOC receives the tickets they will be passed along to the Team Leader or NGB F&F Coordinator. It will be up to the Team Leader or NGB F&F Coordinator to pass the tickets along to the friends and family. The USOC will not provide Opening or Closing Ceremony tickets.

CoSport is the only authorized ticket retailer in the US to purchase additional tickets.

It is illegal for tickets to be bought and sold unless it's from a registered South Korean company. Do not plan to buy and sell tickets in South Korea from any entity other than POCOG; DO NOT purchase tickets from a scalper!