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UnitedHealthcare US OPEN Announcement

We recently announced the postponement of the UnitedHealthcare US OPEN Championships. You can read more about it HERE.

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What's In a Name?

Sharp eyes may have caught that there is no name (yet!) for this monthly publication to the Racquetball family. In the spirit of the Ray Kroc quote, “None of us is as good as all of us”, we thought it would be fun to have a naming contest. A semi-fabulous prize will go to the creative soul who comes up with a catchy name (not being used elsewhere). Deadline July 31st.


Things to Consider for COVID-19

Based on recommendations from the CDC, USOPC, WHO, and others, USA Racquetball offers two documents containing considerations for players and event directors. 


3WB World Championships

Registration is open for the 3WB World Championships. Sign up today!


Adding Value to National Championships

Connor Shane, Director of National Events, provides insight on how additional value will be added to National Championships in the future.  


Rules Changes

At its May 27, 2020, meeting, the USAR Board of Directors approved several changes to the USA Racquetball Official Rules of Racquetball. 


State of Our States

State President David Graves shares challenges, hopes, and his Board's vision for the Mississippi Racquetball Association. 


Junior Team Selection Process Update

Junior National Team Coach Charlie Pratt provides an update on the 2020-21 Junior Team Selection process.


Board Update

Learn what transpired at the May and June meetings of the USA Racquetball Board of Directors.


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