JDT- Criteria, Application and Selection Process

Recurve and Compound Junior Dream Team Selection Camp

At the end of each calendar year, a varying number of open positions become available for new qualified archers on the Recurve and Compound Junior Dream Teams (JDT).  A JDT Selection Camp will be held as needed after the outdoor competition season (typically in November or December) to select primary and alternate archers to become JDT members.  Alternates will be placed on JDT when additional openings become available beyond the initial selection process throughout the next calendar year. 

A minimum set of criteria must be met in order to apply for a JDT selection camp.  The selection camp procedures describe the process that is used to select archers for placement on JDT or as alternates.

Recurve JDT: Selection Camp Criteria, Process and Application - Coming Soon

2017 Recurve JDT Camp Schedule

January 22 - 29 Easton Center of Excellence in Chula Vista CA
June 5 - 11 Easton Center of Excellence in Chula Vista CA
June 29 - July 5 Easton Center of Excellence in Chula Vista CA
August 7 - 13 Easton Center of Excellence in Chula Vista CA

2017 Compound JDT Camp Schedule

Compound JDT: Selection Camp Criteria, Process and Application 
March 21 - March 26 Easton Center of Excellence, Chula Vista CA
June 20 - June 25 Ben Avery Shooting Center, Phoenix AZ
July 13 - July 18 Heaney Farms LLC, Valdosta GA

Junior Dream Team Camp Invitees

Archers hoping to attend a Recurve JDT camp as an invitee must first attend a Regional Dream Team camp. Throughout the course of the year, archers who are not currently members of the Recurve Junior Dream Team, but have successfully completed a Regional Dream Team Camp and meet all criteria may apply to attend upcoming Recurve JDT Camps. There is no prerequisite program to apply to attend a Compound JDT Camp as an invitee, however the minimum criteria must be met. Both recurve and compound JDT invitee applications will be approved as space permits.

Compound Junior Dream Team
Camp Invitee Application
  Recurve Junior Dream Team
Camp Invitee Application - Coming Soon

Regional Dream Team Camp - Selection Process, Criteria and Application

Applications to attend Regional Dream Team Camps are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the course of the year. Recurve archers who are interested in attending RDT Camps should review the minimum criteria and complete the RDT camp application.  If openings become available, select archers will be invited to join the Regional Dream Team at the end of each camp. Individuals who are not selected for the team may continue to apply for additional RDT camps throughout the year. Archers who attend RDT camps will also become eligible to attend Recurve JDT camps as an invitee.

2017 Regional Dream Team Camp Schedule

RDT Selection Criteria, Process and Application
April 20 - April 24 Ben Avery Facility - Phoenix, AZ
May 11 - May 16 Easton Salt Lake Archery Center - Salt Lake City, UT
June 8 - June 13 West Michigan Archery Center - Rockford, MI
November 27 - December 2 Easton Archery Center of Excellence - Chula Vista, CA

Junior Dream Team Contacts

Recurve JDT: Gary Yamaguchi
Compound JDT and RDT: Linda Beck