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 The Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Xperience is a program of USA Archery specifically designed for camps, 4-H clubs, parks and recreation departments and after-school programs.

The JOAD Xperience is a system of helping you to teach and reward beginning archers for achievement in the following fundamental areas:

  • Archery range safety
  • Basic shooting form
  • Proper shot execution
  • Practice and training
  • Grouping arrows/ability to demonstrate technique
The JOAD Xperience is open to archers of all ages; there is no fee to the archers, and non-USA Archery clubs/programs can join the Xperience program for just $20 per year. Click here for a JOAD Xperience application form. This low fee helps your club/program to take advantage of the many benefits of USA Archery membership. Any club or instructor may participate in the JOAD Xperience; USA Archery recommends that instructors have or obtain certification of Level 2 Instructor or higher.

By helping instructors to focus on these areas, beginning archers can be provided with the experience of USA Archery's JOAD program, and learn the most basic principles of the National Training System. Camps and after-school programs are an amazing vehicle for introducing archery to young people; membership in the JOAD Xperience program through your club or program offers young shooters an experience that provides a solid foundation for the enjoyment of this lifetime sport.

Through the JOAD Xperience Program, archers earn achievement awards and positive reinforcement each time they achieve one of their primary goals as outlined above. To provide archers with a tangible award for their progress, JOAD Xperience Pins are available to order, along with lanyards which allow the student to wear and display their pins. Many clubs will opt to have a special presentation each time an archer earns an award. 

There are five “levels” to the JOAD Xperience Program. Specific guidelines for the achievement of each pin award are listed below.  Please click here to order Xperience award pins (shown above, with lanyards):

White Pin
- Safety and Rules
Recognizes the archer's knowledge of archery safety rules, proper range conduct, the rules of scoring and correct retrieval of arrows

Black Pin
- Equipment and Form
Knows the parts of a bow and arrow, correct stance and posture, proper bow hand position and excellence in drawing technique

Blue Pin
- Shot Execution
Understands the correct anchor point, aiming and focus technique, and proper release and follow through

Red Pin
- Practice and Training
Demonstrates significant knowledge of safety, equipment, form and execution. Displays a willingness to practice and go the extra mile.

Yellow Pin
- Xcellent Archer
Consistently shoots good groups; displays excellent sportsmanship and correctly demonstrates proper shooting technique to other archers.

For more information about the JOAD Xperience program, contact Outreach Program Coordinator Jon Taylor via email: